No sign of resignation from Lafayette Fire and Police Civil Service board members

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –  The President of the local chapter of the NAACP fires back by speaking for the first time about what some say were racial comments made at a recent Lafayette Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service board meeting.

On Tuesday, Attorney Candice Hattan publicly admitted it was her and her alone who said it.

Marja Broussard’s daughter Ariel Berry says it’s no laughing matter. Her family is offended by what was said and wants an apology. “You have been laughing this whole meeting. It’s all funny? I’ve been watching you. It’s funny? Continue to laugh,” says Ariel Berry.

“When you offend someone whether you believe you did or not you apologize,” explains Berry.

The Board Chairman Jason Boudreaux, Vice Chair Guy Lebreton and the board attorney have all been asked to resign. “I am apologizing, but I’m not admitting guilt,” notes Boudreaux.

Hattan says if she would have thought that her statement was offensive, she would have done something about it. “If i would have known she felt that way, I would say I never intended it that.  That’s all we can do.  If they (the board) wants to take me out, that’s fine too,” says Hattan.

In a statement, Lt. Lebreton says he is not resigning. Lebreton says he was appointed to do a job and he intends to follow through. A representative of the Lafayette Professional Firefighters Association spoke on Jason Boudreaux’s behalf saying Boudreaux’s not the one who made the comment. “We’re adamantly opposed to him being removed from the board and we believe in him whole-heartedly.”

Meanwhile, Marja Broussard had a question for the board chairman. “What body language could you have possibly made to make Candice an attorney say ‘now Jason we can’t do that. We can’t hang that lady at the courthouse,’ ” recites Broussard.


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