Salon owner elected Mayor of Delcambre in historic election

Photo: KLFY

DELCAMBRE, La. (KLFY) – The residents of Delcambre voted for change this election season as they welcome the town’s first female leader, mayor-elect PamBlakely into office.

She has lived in Delcambre all of her life, but she is not your typical politician.

For the past 35 years, Blakely spent her days at her salon, Pam’s Hair Hut.

“Well you know you’re at a beauty shop, shop talk, everybody talks. Where you bring all the gossip? It’s here,” said Blakely.

And it was at her salon where she grew to love her town and the people in it.

“Mayor is a part-time job, but being that I’m here the door is always open. You can come here anytime.I’m here 24/7 seems feels like it anyway. Being thatI’m here at the beauty shop we can get it going to the town because I can just make one call and say we need this taken care of,” said Blakely.

Blakely said the residents of Delcambre are ready for change. She has her sights set on reviving the shrimp industry, utilizing the port and local canal to promote economic development.

“When you want to bring change sometimes new people need to come in. I just think we need the right people in the right places and we need team leaders and so many people are willing to volunteer,” said Blakely.

JeanneNell laundry has been working with Blakely for two years. She said she is happy to see someone believe in Delcambre again.

“She has good ideas to do something good for the town.”

“We want to welcome you to Delcambre. We want people and businesses to come here because we got a lot of good potiental here, so come on down.”

Blakely will be sworn into office on january 2, 2017.

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