NCIS: New Orleans crews clean up graffiti left by anti-Trump protest

Photo Courtesy: WWLTV

NEW ORLEANS (WWLTV) – Crews from the television show NCIS: New Orleans were out early Thursday removing graffiti from Gallier Hall prior to shooting an episode of their show.

The graffiti was left as part of an anti-Trump protest of several hundred people that started at Lee Circle and wound into the French Quarter.

MORE: Protesters leave damage at Lee Circle, Gallier Hall

NCIS said it planned to send a professional crew in later to more completely remove the graffiti. The show uses Gallier Hall as ‘city hall’ in its show.

Protesters set an effigy of Trump on fire and smashed windows at some businesses along St. Charles Avenue, along with leaving the graffiti on the buildings and some on the monument.

The NOPD said that no arrests were made and that only one citation was issued to a person who got involved in a fight.

“The election doesn’t appear rigged, it appears fair. The people spoke,” said one passerby. “They elected him. He’s our president-elect and no how distasteful he may be to some, this isn’t the way to go about it.”

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