What Happens to Campaign Signs AFTER the Election?

Cred: KLFY

America may have a new president, but Louisiana is still looking for its next Senator and Congressmen.

This means, campaign signs will not be put away anytime soon…

“The ordinance states that they should be put up 14 days after the ballot issue,” says Cyrda Winegerter, who is the Chief Communications Officer at LCG.

For candidates in the runoff, they have until December 24th to take their signs down.
All 50 states have different laws when it comes to campaign signs.
Laws as simple as posting campaign signs on publicly owned property like a utility pole could lead to a hundred dollar fine, 30 days behind bars, or both in Louisiana.

“If we notice a large sign or a multitude of signs in the public’s right of way, we call the candidates office and let them know to pick them up rather than going after them in a punitive manner,” says Cydra.

The signs are ultimately the responsibility of the candidates whose names are on them.
We’re told that some bigger signs are saved for future elections.
As for other signs, they are not a complete loss, some parts of the signs can be recycled.

“The sign itself unfortunately cannot be recycled, its considered a cor-gated plastic which is a #5,” says Lisa Mahoney, The Recycling Supervisor.

“But the metal can be recycled and you can bring that to a scrap metal yard.”

The runoff election will take place Saturday, December 10th.

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