Fitness First – Falin Williams

Today I’m here with Falin Williams, one of our Cajun Fitness members and instructors. She’s here to share her inspirational fitness journey with you.So Falin, please tell us how you got started with your fitness journey from the beginning to becoming an instructor with Cajun Fitness.In 2009, I had some health issues before to where I developed unhealthy eating habits and I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t gain weight. And then when my health issues resolved in 2009 I started to gain weight quickly. I didn’t change my eating habits, I wasn’t working out. I ate a lot of fast food. Things that were quick and easy, didn’t cook a lot of my own meals. I didn’t like breakfast and I didn’t like the way I looked after a while. I said okay – I tried different things. I wanted a magic pill to try to lose weight. So last year in 2015, Sept 2015, I decided I wanted to make a change and I needed to do something different this time. So I decided to join Cajun Fitness. I liked Cajun Fitness because it had group fitness classes and I like that aspect of a gym. So I got a personal trainer, worked out with you Amanda, for 6 months, twice a week, while doing the group fitness classes at Cajun Fitness. While doing that, I learned how to change my eating habits, started eating healthier, going to gym on consistent basis, working out 3-4 times a week and I started to see results so that motivated me to keep going to the fitness classes and working out with a trainer. I definitely started incorporating breakfast into my diet, eating more protein, and more vegetables, more fruits and vegetables and not eating fast food. When I finished working out at the end of that 6 months, got an opportunity to go and get certified to teach group fitness classes myself. And so I thought that would be great because I’m motivated by group fitness so maybe people can be motivated by my journey and my fitness journey. So I am now a certified group fitness instructor so I motivate people to reach their goals, just like I reached mineHey Acadiana, you never know where your fitness journey will take you, remember there is no “magic pill” and always keep fitness first!

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