New Iberia honors veterans with annual Veterans Day ceremony

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – Residents in New Iberia came together to say thank you to local heroes for their sacrifice and service.

Friday night Bouligny Plaza was draped in red white and blue as residents and veterans reflected on the service of Acadiana’s local heroes.

Iberia Veterans Association President and former member of the Navy Bennie Schovajsa said for veterans, this day brings back a lot of memories.

“It’s just hard to explain and if you don’t cry you’re not a man.”

US Marine Corp. Lt. Col. Scott Desormeaux said his days in the military are some of the best days of his life.

“As hard as it can be at times being in the military, some of the best times you will ever have will be in uniform.”

Creating life-long friends, Desormeaux said he will cherish forever.

“Veterans Day is a time where I reflect on all the friendships I’ve made. Some of my best friends, life-long friends are because of the opportunity to serve this country.”

Joseph David served in the Navy during Vietnam. He said many veterans from his generation and previous generations have passed away making ceremonies like this even more special for those still with us.

“There’s not that many of us left, but I see a few of us and it’s good to see we’re still hanging in there. We get to sit down and reminisce about when we were in the service, and what we did, and where we were, where we went different places, but what it boils down to is we made it back home and we are veterans and that’s the good part about it.”

The Iberia Veterans Association will hold a Pearl Harbor Day service right here in downtown New Iberia on December 7, 2016.

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