Opelousas’ Veterans Day parade, over 20-years strong

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)—The Opelousas Veterans Day parade is a tradition that has been going on for over 20-years bringing the community together.

Patrick Miller along with many other vets, families’ members and friends gathered for the Veterans Day parade. “It really makes your heart flutter and it gives you goosebumps,” said Miller, “to see all the people that appreciate the things that veterans have done for them.”

The parade started at the Civic Center and ended at Donald Garden Stadium. It was followed by a ceremony featuring guest speaker William Duplechain.

Veterans Day falls on Nov 11. It is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice which ended the World War I hostilities between Allied nations and Germany in 1918.

“It’s a day when veterans come together, and share our thoughts and our ideas, we make reflections on what we did and what we stood for.” Said Fuselier.

One of the parade’s organizers, Annie Lefontaine said that organizers wanted to find a way to “let vets know that their service is really worthwhile.”

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