Presidential election results stir controversy at UL-Lafayette

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)—A video of Ragin’ Cajun football players chanting lyrics from a song expressing a strong distaste for Donald Trump has gone viral online causing many to pull their support of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Following an intense presidential election season, we saw messages of hate pop up on the university’s campus Wednesday morning.

Hateful words were written on the campus’ quad area sometime Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, a student reported being attacked and robbed of her Hijab and wallet by two white men, saying one was wearing a Trump hat. Lafayette police later learned that the story was false.

Friday morning a video surfaced of Ragin Cajun Football players chanting lyrics from an anti-Donald Trump song.

In spite of the recent animosity surrounding the university, students responded with positive messages of their own.

After the video of members of the university was released, Ragin Cajun Football Coach, Mark Hudspeth responded, he’s disappointed in a few of his players for making an immature decision, and four players have need disciplined for the incident.

“It’s also disappointing that so many people have vilified a few 19-year-olds making some immature decisions, and then they were the same ones that voted for someone that has done much worse be grabbing a female in the private areas for the office of the United States of America.”

Hudspeth later apologized for that comment saying, “I apologize to our alumni, fans, supporters and the university, who deserve more responsible behavior by our student-athletes. I regret my response to a reporter’s question after last night’s game that may have offended some voters in the recent election.”

At the point in time, it is unclear as to what disciplinary actions the four players are facing.

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