Man finds 2-year-old walking streets alone at 3 a.m.

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) – A Memphis man found a two-year-old wandering the streets early in the morning.

The man took to Facebook to write about his experience. Soloman Jones said he found the child walking the streets at 3 a.m. and promptly called the police to get the child help.

Read his post below:

The video has been seen by millions of viewers, but many thought he was wrong to help the little girl.

“We seen her first,” Jones said. “Then when she got by the car, she just started crying.”

The little girl was walking by herself in the neighborhood near downtown.

“She was crying. She was walking and it’s cold–she kind of trembling,” Jones said.

He had just arrived home when he was sitting in his car with a friend. That’s when he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“It shook me up. It really shook me up,” Jones said.

Jones and his friend started making efforts to locate where the little girl lived. He recorded it on Facebook.

“It’s three in the morning and here come a 2-year-old girl walking down the street crying,” Jones said in the video.

Jones said they asked the child where she lived, but she didn’t know.

Besides doing the right thing, Jones had a strong motive for helping the child. He has a 2-year-old of his own.

“I’m a father myself. I see something like this, I’m going to get her,” Jones said. “I’m no snitch, but yeah I called the police,” he said.

It was his phone call to police that some people on Facebook were criticizing him for doing. He said that has taught him a lot.

“I had 200 fans on Facebook. How did I know my video going to reach 4 and a half million views?” Jones said.

He said he wouldn’t change what he did.

“I just want somebody to have the same heart as me if they found my daughter out like that,” he said.

Police were able to locate the little girl’s mother. The mother told police someone was watching the child, along with other children, and somehow the 2-year-old girl got out.

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