Peace walk in New Iberia promotes one message: STOP THE VIOLENCE

Residents in New Iberia are fed up and tired of the violence happening in their community and throughout the country so earlier today they held a Stop The Violence Walk.

News Tens Emily Giangreco was there and participated in the march.

Community members and local pastors are hitting the streets to send a message of unity and peace to the residents here in New Iberia.

CHARLES BANKS: “Why we taken, why we hurting one another? We have to love one another and I think it’s important that we has to come together as a community.”

So to help the community come together, residents walked the streets of New Iberia spreading words of encouragement.

“CHARLES BANKS: “We’re just out here to show the love, you know. Let these people know that we do care for them and we’re here for them. We’re trying to bring peace back into these communities.”

As they walked down the street they asked neighbors to come together for a moment of prayer, hoping that it will help unite the community.

“CHARLES BANKS: “We talk with them, we pray with them, we offer them salvation you know, if they not saved. We just love on them and ask if there is anything that we can do as a community to help them you know with whatever situation they’re going through.”

And not only was the focus on bringing neighbors together but also letting residents know that their city officials are taking action.

“SHERRY GUIDRY: “There’s a lot of violence going on and I believe that the city officials, whether it be city government or parish, we all need to get involved and start praying for our city and for our parish. In order for us to able to blend together, we’re going to have to come together .”

Reporting in New Iberia, Emily Giangreco, KLFY News 10.



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