Leaf Bag

Today on your lawn and garden we’re getting ready for the fall season in different ways–we have potatoes, we also have chalets right here, what do you have in your hand there? Is it time for flu season–flu shot or what?

A meat seasoning syringe! You can use it for large pieces of meat. If you use it for your blender, you would use this one right here. If you’re using liquids only you would put this needle on right here. You can season anything with this—if you wanted to season potatoes, anything. This thing works great.

With vegetables you grew in your garden?

Right, anything like that. Onions, bell peppers you want to put that in the blender and put it to turkeys, chickens, whatever works great. It’s also sweet potato time right now, these are Beauregard sweet potatoes. Everybody loves them we’ve been carrying them for years. It’s a very sweet, not stringy potato. Onion tops, we have the bubs. Within three weeks this is what it makes. You can chop this up in your gumbos and everything, really this is your best onion at the bottom. If you have a lot of them you can cut them up and put them in your food. They are tasty on chillies.

And also the leaves are starting to fall already.

That’s right that’s why we have our leaf bags right here. These are reusable leaf bags. So the city will throw them back so you don’t have to worry about them, you can just pick them up and reuse them. You can put quite a bit of leaves in here.

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