Fire rips through Henderson trailer park destroys one, damages two others

HENDERSON, La. (KLFY) – Rubble is all that is left after a devastating fire that destroyed three homes in Henderson Thursday, and residents say they are glad everyone made it out safe.

Residents said the fire started in this trailer after they started seeing smoke around one Thursday afternoon.

“I guess it was a hook up to a window unit with an extension cord, a poor extension cord, and it caught fire, it caught the light poles back here and caught the trailer,” said a resident.

Quimaine Glaude was sleeping inside the home when his roommate frantically woke him up.

“The guy I live with come wake me up. He shook me three times and told me house fire! house fire,” said Glaude.

Glaude was able to get out but as for the home, it’s a total loss.

“I thank God for my brother waking me up you know. I could have been gone with the trailer you know,” said Glaude.

Henderson Police Captain James Thibodeaux said the windy conditions made it difficult for firefighters to tame the blaze causing significant damage to two other homes.

“It took them about 30 minutes to get it contained just because of the winds. The winds were so high right at that time it really pushed it down the line to the neighboring residence.”

Cherish Savoy lives in one of the homes affected by the fire. She was not home at the time of the fire, but was terrified at the sight she came home to.

“This is my first experience this is my first time and it’s scary. You know seeing other people go through this and it’s horrible I feel where they are coming from now,” said Savoy.


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