Lafayette Parish schools show gains in 2016 performance scores

Photo Credit: The Daily Advertiser

(The Daily Advertiser) – Lafayette Parish now has 13 schools with “A” ratings from the Louisiana Department of Education.

Another seven schools received “B” ratings in the 2016 performance scores, released by the state on Thursday.

Overall, Lafayette Parish kept its “B” district score, but improved 7.1 points from last year, to a 96.3.

That is well above the Louisiana district average of a “C” and an 83. The state’s average score dropped 5.8 points and one letter grade compared to 2015.

Lafayette Parish’s gain was the 16th best in the state. The district is now ranked No. 19 in Louisiana, moving up from No. 27 last year.

The state assigns grades based on student performance on standardized tests. High schools also are measured on graduation rates, ACT scores and whether students take additional courses, such as Advanced Placement, Jump Start or dual enrollment.

Schools can earn up to 10 progress points for students who exceed projections on tests.

Eight Lafayette Parish schools improved by a letter grade this year.

Milton Elementary/Middle, Plantation Elementary, Ernest Gallet Elementary and David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy all moved up to the “A” bracket in 2016, after receiving “B” scores last year.

Other schools with “A” scores were L.J. Alleman Middle, Paul Breaux Middle, Broadmoor Elementary, L. Leo Judice Elementary, Lafayette High, Green T. Lindon Elementary, Edgar Martin Middle, Woodvale Elementary and Early College Academy.

Meanwhile, Acadiana High, Comeaux High and J. Wallace James Elementary all improved from a “C” to a “B” this year.

Duson Elementary moved from a “D” to a “C.”

Some schools did not see a change in their letter grades, but saw significant gains nonetheless.

The state named J.W. Faulk Elementary, Green T. Lindon Elementary and Live Oak Elementary Top Gains Schools. These are schools with a “B” through an “F’ who grew at least 10 points and met all components, or a school with an “A” that grew at least five points and met all components.

Overall, this is Lafayette Parish’s largest gain in district performance since the state began assigning scores in 2001.

A total of 85 percent of Lafayette Parish schools posted positive gains, and 62.5 percent grew 2.5 or more points

Schools with noticeable gains included Alice Boucher Elementary, which improved 10.7 points, from a 46.6 to a 57.3.

J.W. Faulk Elementary also rose 10.7 points, from a 45.2 to a 55.9.

The schools are two of three emerging schools that have received support and resources this year in an attempt to improve students’ academic performance.

Other double-digit gains were at Northside High (up 13.2 points), Ossun Elementary (up 10.4 points) and Live Oak Elementary (up 10.7 points.)

Three Lafayette Parish schools dropped by one letter grade this year.

Acadian Middle fell to a “D,” with its score declining 13.7 points.

Katharine Drexel Elementary slipped to a “C,” marked by an 8.1 point drop.

And Youngsville Middle slipped to a “B,” because of a 2.5 point decline.

Overall, the district has 12 schools with “C” grades: Carencro Middle, Katharine Drexel Elementary, Duson Elementary, Judice Middle, S.J. Montgomery Elementary, Myrtle Place Elementary, Ossun Elementary, Scott Middle, Westside Elementary, Evangeline Elementary, Charles Burke Elementary and Live Oak Elementary.

Another seven schools received “D” grades: Acadian Middle, Alice Boucher Elementary, Carencro Heights Elementary, Carencro High, J.W. Faulk Elementary, Lafayette Middle and Northside High.

Only N.P. Moss Prep received an “F,” with a score of 19.1. The school is for students who struggle with academic and/or behavior problems at their base school. Students remain at Moss Prep for varying periods of time, depending on their progress.

2016 Lafayette Parish School Performance Scores

The school’s 2015 grade and score are in parentheses.

Acadian Middle: D, 55.6 (C, 69.3)

Acadiana High: B, 86.5 (C, 71.3)

L.J. Alleman Middle: A, 112.4 (A, 112.2)

Alice Boucher Elementary: D, 57.3 (D, 46.6)

Paul Breaux Middle: A, 102.6 (A, 100.9)

Broadmoor Elementary: A, 109.7 (A, 101.4)

Broussard Middle: B, 90.5 (B, 89.2)

Charles Burke Elementary: C, 71.9 (C, 74.4)

Carencro Middle: C, 76.8 (C, 72.2)

Carencro Heights Elementary: D, 58.4 (D, 58.6)

Carencro High: D, 68.3 (D, 59.6)

Comeaux High: B, 95.1 (C, 83.8)

Katharine Drexel Elementary: C, 84.2 (B, 92.3)

Duson Elementary: C, 71.6 (D, 64.2)

Early College Academy: A, 123.2 (A, 121.7)

Evangeline Elementary: C, 80.7 (C, 77.3)

J.W. Faulk Elementary: D, 55.9 (D, 45.2)

Ernest Gallet Elementary: A, 100.3 (B, 97.6)

J. Wallace James Elementary: B, 93.1 (C, 83.7)

Judice Middle: C, 79.7 (C, 73.4)

L. Leo Judice Elementary: A, 109.9 (A, 107.4)

Lafayette Middle: D, 63.7 (D, 56.3)

Lafayette High: A, 109.4 (A, 100.4)

Green T. Lindon Elementary: A, 111.4 (A, 102.1)

Edgar Martin Middle: A, 105.1 (A, 100.6)

Milton Elementary/Middle: A, 108.3 (B, 98.9)

S.J. Montgomery Elementary: C, 82.0 (C, 80.0)

Myrtle Place Elementary: C, 76.0 (C, 75.2)

N.P. Moss Prep: F, 19.1 (F, 17.5)

Northside High: D, 64.3 (D, 51.1)

Live Oak Elementary: C, 76.9 (C, 66.2)

Ossun Elementary: C, 77.3 (C, 66.9)

Plantation Elementary: A, 100.0 (B, 91.6)

Prairie Elementary: B, 91.1 (B, 94.5)

Ridge Elementary: B, 90.4 (B, 85.1)

Scott Middle: C, 74.6 (C, 71.5)

David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy: A, 105.6 (B, 99.6)

Westside Elementary: C, 79.0 (C, 77.6)

Woodvale Elementary: A, 110.5 (A, 108.4)

Youngsville Middle: B, 98.7 (A, 101.2)

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