State releases scores for schools in Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –  The State Education Department has released it’s annual report card on schools and school districts throughout the state.

Last year, 10 schools in Lafayette Parish received an A as their performance letter grade.

Not only did that number go up but the parish is now ranked 19th in the state

Today, the grades for 2015-2016 were released and while the letter grade for Lafayette Parish remains a B, the overall points increased.

“We were really thinking about trying to grow incrementally over the next four years to close that 10 point gap between B and A,” said superintendent Don Aguillard, “We grew a whopping 7.1 points. That puts us better than halfway to our target in one academic year.”

While Aguillard is proud of the achievement he believes there is always room for improvement.

“There are some 12-14 A rated school systems in Louisiana,” said Aguillard, “We want to be in that range where we’re identified as an A school district. So we just really have to be a tad bit stronger academically and I think we’re capable of doing so.”

Green T. Lindon is one of many schools that has maintained an A performance grade over the years.

Principal Cheri Fontenot believes the key is to figure out what each student needs to flourish

“If we focus on each child and really look at each individual child’s needs,” said Fontenot, “every school can grow and every student can succeed.”

Here is a look at how the other parishes around Acadiana performed during the 2015-2016 school year.

Below is the annual letter grade and district performance score:

Acadia Parish – B – 97.3

Evangeline Parish – B – 95.8

Iberia Parish – B – 94.1

Jefferson Davis Parish – B – 90.6

St. Martin Parish – B – 89.3

St. Landry Parish – C – 73.1

Vermilion Parish – A – 106.8


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