1 day into 86 hour Bible reading

ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) – ‘In the beginning’ are the first three words of the bible and several lectors will be reading the word of God cover to cover until the last word, Amen, is spoken.

Thursday, at 6 a.m. Saint Martin de Tours Church began their Jubilee of the Word Marathon, where lectors started reading the Bible cover to cover for 86 hours.

“Pope Francis called a year of mercy this year, starting December 8th and it’s going to conclude this weekend, November 20th, for the feast of Christ the King,” said sister Jeanne D’arc, “And we’re actually one of two in the United States that’s doing a big event to finish up the year of mercy.”

Almost 300 people volunteered to participate in the reading.

And as people stop to listen, they can partake in other opportunities as well.

“You can also receive the pleninarian indulgence still which means you can go to confession and receive the indulgence that the Pope granted for the year of mercy,” said sister D’arc.

While some just pass by and hear a few verses, others spend hours listening to the word of God.

Fred Foti has been a devoted listener since the marathon began.

And he’s hoping for an even bigger turnout this weekend.

“Have you ever been able to sit down and listen to the reading of the bible by someone else,” said Foti, “Normally we read the bible when we’re in our own confines but this is phenomenal.I’m astonished at the amount of people turning out already and I think over the weekend as people are not working they’ll have more people here.”

The church plans to finish by 8 o’clock Sunday evening.

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