Cooler weekend ahead means heaters will be running


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– We are expecting our first cool snap of the season this weekend which means you’ll probably want to get your gumbo cooking and heater running.

A cold front will be dropping our temperatures close to freezing for parts of Acadiana over the weekend.
Early morning hours are when we’ll feel the coolest.
Alton Trahan from the Lafayette Fire Department says, now is the time to make sure your heaters are running smoothly.

Trahan says its common for the heater to make your home smell, since they haven’t been ran in a while.

“Don’t be too alarmed when you first turn it on and it has that smell, it’s probably just the dust and the lint that’s burning off of the burners,” says Trahan.

Those  who plan to use space heaters should take note.
Tahan says to make sure you plug the electrical portable space heaters directly into the wall and give them at least 3 feet of space.

Also keep them away from things that can potentially catch on fire.
Trahan says if you plan to use a fire pit, make sure you have the right requirement.

Trahan says another big concern other than fires are injuries caused by fires, especially by those cooking for thanksgiving.

“If you’re frying a turkey outside, fry that turkey away from the home. Make sure its thoroughly defrosted, if its not frozen there is moisture and if you stick in in the grease,” says Trahan.

“That’s when it can overfill and that’s when you can have a serious fire.”

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