Drunk man walking in traffic on I-10 E arrested after assaulting EMS workers

Micah Andrew West, 32. (Source: EBRSO)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – On Saturday, November 19, LSUPD called EMS to pick up a man who was walking in and out of traffic in the 900 block of I-10 E.

The report states LSUPD called EMS because the man, Micah Andrew West, 32, who was holding a handle of Fireball, was intoxicated and confused. EMS workers arrived at the scene and buckled West into a gurney.

Officials say he was cooperative at first, but at some point unbuckled himself and grabbed one of the paramedics and repeatedly threatened to kill her.

The other paramedic, who was driving, attempted to assist during the struggle and was allegedly kicked in the chest three times by West. Police responded and observed West struggling with the paramedics. The report states the even after West was handcuffed and strapped to the gurney, he continued to struggle and yell profanities. This continued all the way to the hospital, where several people had to help strap West to a bed.

Neither paramedic required medical attention, however one paramedic’s right ankle was swollen and causing pain. According to the hospital, West’s blood alcohol content was .298.

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