Lafayette Police Chief Augillard talks about community relations and policing

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette Police Chief Toby Aguillard has officially taken his place behind the desk. The new chief says he’s made his rounds getting to know the department and the city. “Everywhere I go and all around town people are extending their hands telling me welcome and congratulations. It’s fantastic,” says Aguillard.

The chief acknowledges police need to have a relationship with the community they protect and serve. “Perhaps maybe that’s what’s been missing.  Maybe we stepped too far away from one another in recent years.  Maybe that explains what has been happening across the country.  We’re going to fix that.  We’re going to make it better,” adds the chief.

When asked about his vision for Lafayette and where does he see Lafayette in terms of law enforcement and community policing?  “My hope is that we continue what has already been started; such as the community policing project we have and expanding that.  I want the Lafayette Police Department to be seen as a true partner with our neighbors here in Lafayette,” explains Chief Aguillard.

The new chief acknowledges that people want to see police officers patrolling neighborhoods throughout the entire city. He talks about how division lines have no place behind the badge. Aguillard notes that it’s going to take time with neighborhoods and police working as one. “It takes time and it takes everyone working together.  This just can’t be the police department reaching out.  We need people to extend their hands to us as well,” says the chief.

The chief spent his last nine years at the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office in Internet Crimes Against Children Department, served as Assistant Attorney General in Baton Rouge and as Assistant District Attorney in Cameron Parish. “I always planned to remain in law enforcement. I really didn’t want to practice law,” adds Aguillard.

LPD Chief Aguillard moves to Lafayette with his wife and two children. He explains that his wife is just as happy as he is to be a part of the community. “We are ready, excited and grateful for the opportunity.  For us it’s a blessing. It really is,” says Chief Aguillard.

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