Bishop Deshotel reacts to post new ruling on abortion

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Pope Francis wrote in the apostolic letter, made public by the Vatican on Monday, that those who seek forgiveness for abortion are able to receive it from all Priests.

“The absolution for the sin of abortion was granted to every priest at the beginning of this year, a year of mercy,” said Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel, “He has decided to extend that permission beyond the year of mercy.”

Originally those who sought forgiveness for abortion had to receive it from the Pope or the Bishop.

“And the reason why many years ago that was originally instituted that way was to attach the importance of understanding how serious a thing abortion was,” said Bishop Deshotel.

But now that Priests are able to grant that forgiveness as well, Bishop Deshotel believes it’s a wonderful thing.

“When a person comes to sorrow and to repentance,” said Bishop Deshotel, “they should know that God is always willing to forgive and welcome them back and heal the person and help them restore them to their selves. We experience God through his mercy and forgiveness and this is a beautiful way of showing that.”



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