UPDATE: Daycare helping victims recover after vehicle crashes into classroom

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A Lafayette daycare is still recovering after an SUV crashed into the side of the building, injuring three children and one adult.

The crash happened on Nov. 7 at the Sugar N’ Spice Daycare. Executive Director Jessica Bordelon said the Sugar N’ Spice community is still healing.

“We have to look on and not focus on what could have happen but focus on what did happen and how blessed we are to go on,” Bordelon said .

The Sugar N’ Spice daycare, in partnership with Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, held a blood drive at the daycare to help reduce the victim’s medical bills.

“I think it’s amazing that all the locations can come together and really support her and the children involved in this accident.” said Heidi Mouton, niece of the injured adult.

The injured adult was a teacher at the daycare. She spent time in the ICU after the crash and had surgeries on her pelvis and ribs after the SUV ran partially over her, according to Bordelon.

The three children injured were between the ages of seven months to 12 months, according to Bordelon, and were pinned by the vehicle and struck by flying debris. Only one child sustained a broken leg.

“Our first priority was getting the babies out of here. They are safe they don’t have any major injuries,” Bordelon said.

According to Mouton, her aunt is still recovering, but remaining in high spirits.

“She’s doing well. She has a very long road ahead of her, a lot of recovery, a lot prayers and a lot of support. Her spirits are great. She’s trying to stay as positive as she can but she is in pain. She is on the road to recovery,” Mouton said.

Day care workers said if anyone wants to donate to the victims, they can go to the Lourdes Blood Donor Center and donate in the Sugar N’ Spice name.

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