NCIS: New Orleans cast and crew did all they could to help during Aug. flooding

Photo: KLFY

NEW ORLEANS (KLFY)—The TV Show “NCIS: New Orleans” is now in its third season here on KLFY-TV and its filmed entirely in New Orleans.

The cast and crew were already hard at work when the floods devastated South Louisiana.

They say their hearts went out to the flood victims and decided to do something about it.

NCIS: New Orleans films in the Crescent City from mid-July until mid-April so the cast and crew were in town when the devastating floods hit South Louisiana in August.

Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, who plays computer specialist Patton Plame, had no idea of the flooding at first. “I didn’t have the TV on. My phone was going crazy cause people was like, yo, you alright? I’m like yeah what are y’all talking about, and then finally I turned the TV on and I came to tears and I’m like, you can’t be serious.”

Some of the crew members are from Baton Rouge. Cast and Crew members also know some of the flood victims and wanted to help.

“I’m so proud of our team,” said Shalita Grant, who plays Special Agent Sonja Percy, “of our company as a whole because we are actively sending clothes, shoes, food, tweeting out support, Facebook, the whole deal.”

NCIS: New Orleans’ Producer, Joseph Zolfo said it’s important for the cast and crew to give back. “A lot of the crew have close ties to Baton Rouge and other neighborhoods up North that have been affected by the flood, so we’re gathering supplies and everything they could possibly need.”

The cast and crew collected supplies and sent a truckload to the Baton Rouge area.

“I hope that everybody knows that the country at large is thinking about them,” said Rob Kerkovich who plays ‘Sebastian Lund’, “hoping that everything works out and we’re going to do what we can.”

Lucus Black who plays NCIS Special Agent Christopher LaSalle said, “It’s not surprising that we’re doing that and the leaders are looking to help out in any way we can.”

Retired NCIS Agent D’Wayne Swear is from New Orleans, he is the show’s consultant and the basis for Scott Bakula’s Character, Dwayne Pride. He said, Louisiana people are resilient and proud, “We know how to grab our bootstraps and stand tall and take care of Mother Nature because Mother Nature’s always impacting us.”

NCIS: New Orleans Producer Joseph Zolfo said they like to give back and do charity work. He said the show does food drives, toy drives and cleans up around the Crescent City.

To watch NCIS: New Orleans, you can catch it playing right here on KLFY tonight at 9 p.m.

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