People rush to buy The Daily Advertiser’s Thanksgiving Day newspaper

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Many people know it’s Thanksgiving when on Wednesday vehicles line-up outside The Daily Advertiser in Lafayette.  On the day before Thanksgiving, the newspaper holds a pre-sale of its Thanksgiving newspaper.

The Community Engagement Manager says the printing process calls for all hands on deck with more than 1,000 man hours to assemble 30,000 copies. Shantell Schexnider of Abbeville loads up her truck with the must have edition to deliver early Thursday morning. “There’s usually people waiting in line at their boxes to get a paper,” says Schexnider.

Schexnider adds that the rush to get one is chaotic. She says for the past five years she’s been delivering newspapers.  She found that it’s this edition that has always been a fan favorite. “It’s like people trying to win the lotto.  It’s like when the Lotto is worth millions and millions of dollars,” says Schexnider.

There may not be a million dollars among the printed pages but there are plenty of coupons to capture some pretty hefty deals. “People like to get it early. They like to look at all of the Black Friday deals that are coming. They get them a little bit early so they can sit down with their family and they can kind of maybe make plan of attack Friday morning: where they want to be to get the best deals,” explains Community Engagement Manager Caroline Nickel.

Nickel says along with Black Friday ads there are other inserts. “We’re going to have an Event Guide in Acadiana, a Sports Watching Guide, and also some information on where to stop and get good deals locally in Acadiana,” say Nickel.

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