Carencro residents to vote on proposed sales tax increase

CARENCRO, La (KLFY) – Residents in the city of Carencro will soon head back to the polls to cast their vote on how would they like to fund the development of a new sewer treatment facility.

Carencro Mayor, Glenn Brasseaux, says it was brought to his attention back in 2011 that the city’s current sewer treatment facilities are at capacity and must be replaced, and how this big project will be funded now lies in the hands of voters.

Mayor Brasseaux says work has already begun on the city’s new sewer treatment facility, but after the 2012 flood the job was halted for about 18 months due to insufficient funding.

“The price tag on that is $25 million,” said Mayor Brasseaux. “We applied with USDA for funding and we received a $2 million grant.”

Leaving the city to fill the gap for the remaining $23 million.

Mayor Brasseaux says that would result in the note being approximately $83,000 per month for 40 years.

Residents have up to two options for funding that involves voting yes or no on a proposed 1% sales tax.

“To vote for the 1% sales tax, they would be spending a penny more on each dollar that they spend, but what it’s doing it’s spreading the burden to include everybody that shops within the city limits of Carencro and help pay for it,” said Mayor Brasseaux, however, if you vote against the tax, “Their sewer fees will go up anywhere from $60-$75 more per month than they’re paying now,” said Mayor Brasseaux. “The average sewer bill is about $20 a month, so they’re looking at a big jump.”

Either way, Mayor Brasseaux says the city’s highly inefficient and outdated sewer pond and mechanical plant must be replaced.

“We have serious issues with the pond and the plant,” said Mayor Brasseaux. “From time to time we have some overflows.”

Mayor Brasseaux says with the construction of a new plant, residents can be assured that the sewerage will be treated properly.

Voters will have their say next week. The proposed sales tax will appear on the December 10 ballot.

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