USPS says customers can receive notification of package delivery

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –  While searching for holiday deals there could be people searching to steal purchases.  Postal companies are offering ways to best secure a package headed for doorstep when the homeowner is away.

For many, Christmas is not just another holiday.  It’s a chance to go all out with home decor to sending gifts to everyone on the Christmas list.

Paul David says his family takes Christmas to a whole new level —- indoors and out. David says he’s never had a problem with packages being stolen from his doorstep. “We do have motion detectors and keep the lights on. We’re a little prudent but never had a problem,” says David.

David says the delivery person sometimes goes the extra mile. A friendly neighborhood can make for a safer one. “Try to make friends with the delivery people so they know us and they know if we’re not home.  They’ll usually keep the package and bring it back another day,” explains David.

The United States Post Office says customers can go on-line and schedule a notification that a package has been delivered. To sign-up go to  Once your address is in the postal system, you’ll receive a notification by email or text that a package is head your way.  USPS Spokesperson Twana Barber says that way you’ll know there’s a package coming; even if you’re not aware that one is being delivered as a gift.

Also, some delivery companies offer the option schedule a 2-hour window notification of a delivery.  You just have to ask at the time of purchase.


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