KLFY Food for Families: Items to donate to help families in need

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Many families will struggle this holiday season but that could change by a simple act of giving. Tuesday, December 6 is the KLFY FoodNet “Food for Families” Food Drive.  Adrien’s Supermarket on Congress Street is one of the many places you can give.

The needed items are familiar products: the non-perishables and canned goods or meals in a can or box, rice, fruit juice, spaghetti sauce to dry foods such as beans and cereal.

Also, toiletries and paper products are good items to give. LeFleur is the Executive Director of FoodNet Food Bank located in Lafayette. “Any paper products are extra for our clients. We bag them together like soap, toilet paper and paper towels. It’s a little lagniappe. It’s a little extra for our clients,” says LeFleur.

LeFleur says food items with protein are always needed such as tuna and peanut butter. “It’s great for families with children; peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or when they come home from school. That’s why peanut butter is kind of on the top of our list along with tuna as far as protein items,” explains LeFleur.

LeFleur anticipates that on top of conquering the food needs for families during the holidays; there are people in need for other reasons. “We have a lot of elderly clients that by the end of the month their social security check has been spent on rent, utilities, medical and/or prescription medications. The last two weeks of the month are our busiest.  So that’s when most of our goods go out,” adds LeFleur.

The FoodNet Food Bank accepts monetary donations to help to purchase food. On Tuesday, the KLFY FoodNet “Food for Families” Food Drive will be at the Bayou Church, 2234 Kaliste Saloom Rd, Lafayette.

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