Motorists frustrated with construction, traffic on Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – New construction along the already heavily-traveled Ambassador Caffery Pkwy has created even more of a traffic nightmare for drivers.

You can expect longer than usual delays for the next week and a half as construction crews conduct road work between Ridge Rd. and Johnston St.

With the holiday rush here–some drivers are finding themselves stuck behind the wheel along a stretch of Ambassador Caffery Pkwy.

“Horrible, horrible. I live off of Ambassador Caffery so I know what it’s like,” said Georgia Rodgers.

“I try to avoid it as much as I can, especially during peak hours, but it seems like with the holiday traffic there’s even more traffic all day long,” said Jason Benoit.

With new construction taking place in front of the Sunoco gas station where crews are installing a right turn lane, drivers are left fighting their way through a maze of orange cones.

“Why do they always do the new constructions during the holidays? Especially around Christmas and Thanksgiving,” said Rodgers. “They always do it around this time. Why? Why make traffic worse?”

“I can understand they need to do improvements to make it more efficient, but it seems like you could do it at night or not during peak times, definitely not during the holiday season,” said Benoit.

The lane closures which began on Monday have resulted in stop and go traffic for a majority of drivers–leaving them playing the waiting game for what some drivers say could be up to 30 minutes.

“I’m retired so I have the time, but I feel sorry for people that are going back and forth to work or whatever,” said Rodgers.

“This is the worst time of the year to have some type of construction going on and it just seems like it could have been planned a lot better,” said Benoit.

However, several drivers say they will continue to avoid this traffic nightmare.

“I don’t have time for that,” said Kelsey Comeaux. “It’s outrageous and people don’t know how to drive in Louisiana, so I’m not riding on Ambassador.”

“I travel back roads as much as I can,” said Benoit.

The road work is expected to be completed on December 12.

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