Fans rave over Cajundome renovations

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Ragin’ Cajuns hit the court for the first time at the newly renovated Cajundome and fans are raving about the changes.

It was a different atmosphere at the Cajundome Thursday night.

“When I approached the new gym I was instantly just startled at all the changes,” said UL-Lafayette student Jacob Ambrose.

The lights, the seats, and even the basketball court have a new look, and fans can’t get enough.

“You know, the atmosphere, the ambiance, the colors, really, really nice,” said UL-Lafayette fan Paul Gibson.

The history sprinkled throughout the facility seemed to be a fan favorite.

“The concourses with all the history and the background of theCajuns athletics, really, really nice,” said Gibson.

“When I first walked in I saw some of my team mates on the wall, so it’s very, very nice,” said former UL-Lafayette basketball player Alonzo Allen.

One of the most noticeable features is the unique gym floor.

“It’s pretty different,” said Allen.

The art on the court features a swamp complete with cypress trees and a pelican, but so far there have been mixed emotions.

“I bet it looks great on tv, but from our seats which are sort of low in the arena you pretty much have to look for it and have to know what it is,” said Gibson.

But, for the most part, fans are very pleased to call the Cajundome home.






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