Crawfish hate the cold



Average temperatures from now until February usually run in the 60s for the highs and mid 40s overnight.\

This weekend we’re expecting a big cold snap so were checking up on the crawfish.

It’s that time of the year when our temperatures are constantly influenced by weather systems.
The first official day of Winter is less than two weeks away,
but we’re expecting to dip near freezing overnight, after a cold front pushes through.

“During the winter the days are short so the water doesn’t have a time to warm up,” says Earl Toups.

Rarl Toups has been in the business for over 15 years. He says crawfish hate the cold.

“When it gets cold, the crawfish do not go in the ground to get away from the cold, they kind of sit on the bottom of the water and not move much,” says Toups.



Crawfish thrive in water above 70°, which is why the peak season is usually begins in late March.
Cold water slows the metabolism of the crawfish.

Toups says “they wait for the water to warm back up to start moving around and getting into the traps to be caught.”

Kenneth Bellard works with Toups and he still has to prepare the bait even though it’ll be slow for the next few days.
The crawfish that were caught earlier in the week are ready to be sold to distributors.

Bellard says “they’re healthy, they’re young crawfish.””

Toups says he doesn’t expect to catch a lot of crawfish next wee because of the water temperature.

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