Family in Bunkie arrested for bomb making

Jenus C. Juneau, 38, Kristina Juneau, 40, along with 19-year-olds Kaije and Jenus Irvin Juneau were arrested after deputies found a pipebomb and other bomb making materials in their home in Bunkie, La. Source: APSO

BUNKIE, LA –  Four members of a Bunkie family is behind bars Thursday after deputies say they manufactured a pipe bomb.

According to Sheriff Doug Anderson, the four Bunkie residents were allegedly was in possession of a suspected pipe bomb and other bomb making material at their residence when they were arrested.

Deputies initially began by investigating a felony theft complaint in the Cottonport area, which lead them to 38-year-old Jenus C. Juneau. According to the complainant, Juneau and possibly others, allegedly stole about $12,000 worth of household goods, guns, and jewelry.

Deputies working the case tracked Juneau down to a residence in the 200 block of Percy Aymond Road.

Acting on an arrest warrant for theft, deputies arrested Juneau then proceeded to search the residence, of which many of the stolen items from the Cottonport theft were recovered.

During the search, a deputy looked into a backpack and saw what was described as a “pipebomb” along with what is believed to be other bomb making materials.

The scene was immediately cleared and a safe zone was established around the area. A special response team with Louisiana State Police responded and exploded the device on the scene.

According to officials, the device had the potential to kill or maim if detonated.

Deputies arrested Juneau, along with 19-year-olds Kaije Juneau and Jenus Irvin Juneau, and 40-year-old Kristina Juneau on charges of manufacturing and possessing of a delayed action incendiary device.

Jenus C. Juneau also received an addition theft charge for the Cottonport incident. His bond is set at $50,000, while the others each have a $40,000 bond.

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