Keep you pipes safe during freezing temperatures


Home owners should remember to check on their pipes, especially with freezing temperatures on the way.

Chris Hall is technician with Ave Plumbing and says it’s never too late to check on your pipes, “But you should do it before anything happens.”
Keeping pipes insulated is one of the  best ways to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting when cold weather strikes.

Hall says, “If it’s not insulated, and if it’s not one of the newer pipes that are more freeze resistant, it has a very high chance of freezing.”

Galvanized pipes and copper pipes are more likely to freeze and crack in cold temperatures.
Depending on your home structure, you could have a higher chance of the water inside the pipes to freeze,
when temperatures hit 32° or below for an extended period of time.


“Raised foundation houses have a bigger chance of things freezing,” says Chris. “Obviously they’re more exposed to the air. ”

Plumbers say if you do not have the time to get the proper insulation,
another preventative measure is by leaving a faucet or a hose bib running.

Hall says to leave it on a trickle, to keep some water flow and to try to keep the movement.

Also remember to cover any hose bibs to keep them from cracking.
Along with checking on pipes, do not forget to check on people, especially the elderly, plants, and pets as well.

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