John Kennedy wins U.S. Senate race in Louisiana

(Photo: Submitted Photo)

Long-time State Treasurer John Kennedy defeated Democrat Foster Campbell handily to become the next U.S. Senator from Louisiana.

“John Kennedy has been a powerful voice for conservatism and fiscal responsibility as Louisiana State Treasurer,” said a statement from the Louisiana GOP. “The voters of Louisiana have rewarded him for his extraordinary job by electing him to the United States Senate.”

Kennedy, who has been treasurer for 16 years, benefited from name recognition, being a Republican in a heavily-Republican state, and also from a campaign stop by President-elect Donald Trump on Friday, one day before the election.

He frequently repeated his mantra that too many fat cats at the top of the economic chain were getting bailouts and too many at the bottom were getting handouts while the middle class was getting stuck with the bill.

He has always expressed fiscal prudence, vowing to vote against tax increases of any kind.

“The voters of Louisiana have issued a resounding defeat to the liberal policies of Governor John Bel Edwards’ hand-picked candidate, Foster Campbell,” said the statement from the GOP.

Most polls showed Kennedy with a sizeable lead in the days and weeks leading up to the election, but his Election Day numbers seemed to be topping even those lofty figures, a fact not lost on Kennedy.

“To the people of Louisiana, I will not let you down,” he said as he wrapped up his victory speech. “I will not let you down.”

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