Cecilia family honors mother’s memory with Christmas display

CECILIA, La. (KLFY) – It’s a Christmas display that’s been a tradition for 15 years. But for the family it’s the reason behind these holiday decorations that means so much more.

For the Angelle family simply putting up a tree and some lights just doesn’t cut it.

“It’s really special to us that it’s a symbol of all the love they have in this family,” sister, Pamela Guilbeau told News 10.

With rows of lights, a place to pray, and handmade stable.

“The manger is made from doors from my grandfather’s barn from over here. And I gave the nativity to my mother as a Christmas gift one year because she is very religious and she really likes that stuff. I had to figure out a way to show it off,” brother, Kenneth Angelle said.

It’s a Christmas tradition extending generations all beginning with their mother.

“I know she would want me to do it. This was her Christmas,” Angelle said.

“She’s not here but she’s here in spirit we know that. And she wrote a book of her inspirations,” Guilbeau said.

And on the inside of their mother’s home…the tradition grows..71 times to be exact.

“The order is the first grandchild, his kids, second grandchild…go with the tree go with the lights and outside,” Angelle explained.

“It’s a lot of love and tender care because every time a newborn is born we have to make a stocking, put the glitter and sometimes we forget and last minute put the stocking up to not leave nobody out,” Guilbeau said.

And as the family continues to grow…the family says the tradition will never be lost.

“It’s gathering all of the families and their kids and their kids’ kids so that’s grandkids and their grandkids,” Guilbeau said.

“Once in a while I’ll say I can’t do it no more. You better put it up. People around Cecilia will tell me that sometimes,” Angelle said.

And for this holiday tradition the Angelle family says they have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

We’ve just received a call from the Angelle family….they will now be hanging 72 stockings up this year, as a new baby is on the way.

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