Lafayette Police Department goes high tech

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Out with the old and in with the new, the Lafayette Police Department traded in their 13-year-old Mobile Command Center for a brand new one.

“I think it’s been a long time coming,” said Chief of Police Toby Aguillard, “but it was time for an upgrade and it’s here.”

The unit has five work stations, a 360 camera surveillance system and 2 front slide outs with a conference table.

It’s 40 ft long and can hold over a dozen officers.

“This mobile unit is going to make it easy for us to operate out in the field more effitiently,” said Public Information Officer Karl Ratcliff.

With recent events that are taking place across America, Aguillard knows this unit will be used for various circumstances.

“We all know that with recent events and the theatre shooting that happened in Lafayette, it’s during those types of crisis that we usually pull these buses out,” said Aguillard, “But other than that it can be used at festivals, other events, things like that as well.”

The police department will also be testing out body cameras on some of the officers for the first time ever.

“We only got a handful of them that are being issued out right now,” said Ratcliff, “But once we work out all the kinks and we figure out all the software and how to store all the information we’re going to start getting more and more of them and you’re going to start seeing them on the road more and more.”
The department hopes to have every officer equipped with a body camera by the end of next year.



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