Crews are set to repair Youngsville road known for flooding

Photo Credit: KLFY

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – The city of Youngsville was one of the hardest hit by the August flooding and residents say one road in particular still experiences flooding on a regular basis.

Residents said Larriviere Road in Youngsville continues to flood and is hard to drive on.

Mayor Ken Ritter said the city council approved a plan to fix Larriviere Road. Ritter said this plan has been in place for a long time.

“The goal ultimately is to have a safer route not only for students parents and also school buses to travel to get to the new high school,” Ritter said.

According to Ritter, crews are going to be removing the existing section of the road, treating the sub-base of the road and raising the road about one inch.

The construction project only covers 535 feet of the road within Youngsville City Limits.

“This particular 535 feet flooding for this road wasn’t really a primary concern. If you go a little bit further down in the unincorporated area there’s a significant amount of work that needs to be done,” Ritter said.

However, one resident on the Youngsville side said the August floodwaters actually reached the porch of her home.

“This particular stretch was really just because of water from the school sheet flowing across the road and the construction and the progress that’s happening at this site now is going to contain that water on that side,” Ritter said.

While this construction project isn’t aimed at flooding specifically, Ritter said the Southside High School already had plans in place to keep the water off the road.

Ritter says the construction project shouldn’t take more than two weeks to complete.

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