Lafayette Fire Department to take over unincorporated areas near Scott

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Lafayette Fire Department will now service the unincorporated areas near Scott that were previously serviced Scott Volunteer Fire Department.

The SVFD notified Lafayette Consolidated Government that the department will no longer provide fire protection to areas outside of Scott’s city limits.

Calls from within Scott city limits for fire protection will continue to be directed to SVFD.

Calls from the unincorporated areas of the parish outside the city of Scott will be handled by the closest fire engine from LFD and/or any of the other six volunteer fire departments.

LFD Chief Robert Benoit said, “Our department is more than prepared to cover this area of the parish to ensure residents are safe. Currently, fire calls from around the parish are dispatched from Lafayette, so there will be no interruption in service and the change will be seamless from the resident’s perspective.”

The change is scheduled to take effect on December 26, 2016.



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