Lawn & Garden – Veggie Garden

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about the fall garden believe it or not it’s still producing John says you can still do some planning even at this time.

Seeds, beats, carrots, this and that. I’m doing great with carrots right now and you can plant that for awhile. I want to talk about watering this time of the year when it dries up sometimes and you need to water—have a good mulch on top. The best one that we have is the crushed pine needle. Their in smaller pieces—easier to put out and keep the weeds down. It’s amazing! Broccoli, cabbage in the garden are doing great you just have to make sure you take care of your insects because the worms are out. If you see little holes in your cabbage and everything. If you want to go organic—the Thurlcide or this chemical right here Cyonara knock everything out

So again what are some of the things we can plant now?

You can plant some beats, you can plant some mustard, turnip, radishes, a lot of seed things. Mostly your spring crop in say January—if you want to plant cabbage and broccoli again.

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