Tony’s Seafood ships Christmas meal to Deputy Tullier’s family in Houston

Capital Area Law Enforcement Foundation (CALEF) & Tony’s Seafood of Baton Rouge overnighted a Cajun Christmas meal to Deputy Nick Tullier’s parents James & Mary and his fiance Danielle Alyse Mcnicoll in Houston.

The family is there as Nick continues rehab at TIRR Memorial Hermann.

Nick Tullier was wounded in the July 17 attack on law enforcement in Baton Rouge.

According to officials, Tullier was shot in the head and the stomach. He has remained hospitalized since the attack, which killed three officers and wounded two others.

“The board wanted to do something special for the families this Christmas so Bill Pizzolato with Tony’s offered to donate all the food. I understand that they’re going through the first Christmas without their loved ones and it’s going to be tough and anything we can do to make their lives a little bit easier, we will do. They don’t have to worry about cooking this Christmas. It’s just a little token on our part.” said Pat Englade with CALEF.

“It just makes us feel like a part of it. It makes us want to give to someone who has gone through so much.” said Bill Pizzolato with Tony’s Seafood.


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