Acadiana Year In Review: Youngsville flooding recap

YOUNGSVILLE, La (KLFY) – We’re taking a look back at some of the big stories across Acadiana in 2016. One unforgettable story that continued for months was the historic August flood.

Just four months ago, Larriviere Rd. in the area of Highland Ridge, was one of Youngsville’s hardest hit areas by the historic flood, and most of the residents say they’re making strides in the recovery process.

“Its been very tough,” said Highland Ridge resident, David Kaplan, “but most of the neighbors are starting to move back in, you’re starting to see some yards get mowed.”

For many the devastation continued even in the aftermath.

“Maybe 8 people had flood insurance,” explained Kaplan. “I didn’t have flood insurance, so I was like ‘what am I going to do? Where do I start? How much is this going to cost me?'”

“The big question I think the whole community has is: Will the flooding stop? Are they going to fix the drainage issues?”

Kaplan says his neighborhood wasn’t just plagued with flooding in August, he says everytime an inch of rain falls the ditches fill up.

“We just want answers and we want to hold the officials accountable,” said Kaplan. “We want action, we want to see it.”

Youngsville Mayor, Ken Ritter, says they are taking swift actions. He says all residents will see major improvements in 2017.

“Raising development standards was huge, we’re seeking funding to implement drainage projects that have previously been identified, and then working with our parish government to make certain that our drainage ways are clear of obstructions and free of any type of sediment,” explained Mayor Ritter.

When it comes to the concerns of Highland Ridge residents, Mayor Ritter says improvements are in the works.

“They’re going to see improved drainage just because of the Southside High School construction, that storm water is being contained on that school site now and not coming across the road,” said Mayor Ritter.

Mayor Ritter says the city also plans to make drainage improvements and elevate a portion of S. Larriviere Rd. to allow for better travel during weather events.

Mayor Ritter says they will continue to take proactive steps to tackle the city’s drainage issues.

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