Neighbors react to shocking murder of elderly Jeanerette man

JEANERETTE, La (KLFY) – Many residents in the town of Jeanerette were shocked by the news of Howard Poche’s death. They say Poche was very well-known in the community and will be missed dearly by all who knew him.

“He didn’t bother anybody,” said Poche’s neighbor, Malfreda Crosby. “He didn’t deserve this, at all.”

Neighbors are feeling shocked and disgusted after learning of the death of Poche–a man they describe as a social butterfly.

“I think he was a very good person to the community,” said Philip Guillory. “He did things for the church, other people, he was a good man.”

“He sat on his porch. He sat on the neighbor’s porch up on Main St. in their swing. He just sat there for hours, not bothering anybody, pass by him and say ‘Hey Mr. Howard’ and he’d holla back at you,” said Crosby.

Crosby lives right across the street from Poche and says she’s known him all her life. She says she’ll miss the free-spirited man who was known to ride his bike everywhere across town.

“No matter what window I look out from my house, there’s Howard’s house, there’s the yellow tape, I can’t get around it. I’m devastated,” said Crosby.

Neighbors say what’s even more surprising about the gruesome discovery of Poche’s body is that it was hidden in plain sight in a trash can on Poche’s back porch.

“We watched this unfold for the last four days and we watched them search different areas, and for the body to be right on the back porch and nobody seem to come over the body, I think that’s a problem,” said Guillory.

Guillory says it’s just sad to know someone could be so heartless and murder a man whom everyone knows and loves.

“He’s just been a fixture to the community, not only to the neighborhood but to the community for years,” explained Crosby.

Neighbors say they’re just glad the family now has closure and just want answers on what led up to Poche’s death.

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