Authorities warn public to be alert after bear spotted in St. Mary Parish

(Photo Courtesy: SMPSO)

Berwick, La. (KLFY) The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office is asking residents in the Berwick and surrounding areas to be on high alert after there was a bear sighting along Hwy. 90.

Although bears prefer a wooded area away from human activity, one of the key things that a bear’s going to hone in on is the availability of food and in residential areas, there are people putting their trash out, receptacles are on the curb or behind their house and residents are feeding their pets outside their homes.

SMPSO says they have posted bear caution signs posted along Hwy 90 in Berwick and detectives say they are currently monitoring traffic flow to prevent any crashes.

Motorists are also reminded to watch for the black bear who may attempt to cross the roadway.

Deputies say they will also be on the lookout for any motorists who may impede traffic to watch the bear or take pictures of the animal.

Although bears are typically afraid of humans and will run away, especially if you make a lot of noise, the sheriff’s office warns that you should stay away.

The Sheriff’s Office says it has contacted Wildlife & Fisheries about the sighting and says it is illegal to shoot bears if spotted in the state of Louisiana.


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