Veggie Garden

Today in your lawn & garden, we’re not talking about the plants, but the soil and John says the soil needs to be maintained every once in a while ,work on it.

That’s right the first thing you want to do, especially in the winter time when you have time is take a PH sample. This box is from LSU, you send it to LSU, its addressed to then and everything. And it has the sample bags in here. You take your soil sample, they tell you exactly how to do it, you send it to them, and within the week they’ll gave your results.  So you’ll know if you need to add Lime, Sulfur, whatever. If you need a lot of Phosphates or pot ash in your soil. They’ll tell you exactly, there’s no guessing. So this is a good time to start applying your 50 -20- 20 fertilizers, things like that, insecticides if needed. But the garden is doing good right now. There’s still some seeds you can plants, beets, mustard, turnips, carrots and potatoes. We’re going to have potatoes. You take a whole potato and you cut them in maybe 4 slices where they have an eye or two and you start planting. And you plant those Jan 20 is the date they start giving to plant that. Do you plant the eyes up, how do you do that? Well either way ,they are going to come around and come up but you want to have them up.

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