Experts give tips on saving money on your energy bill during fluctuating weather

Photo Credit: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – As weather in Acadiana changes from warm weather one day to freezing temperatures the next, experts say smart phones may be one of the answers to saving more on your energy bill.

“It’s good if they could get a programmable thermostat. We could set both the heat and cool setting to whichever range we want so that way we could address those fluctuating temperatures,” said Garrison Harrison, Lafayette Utilities System conservation specialist.

However for those who do not have a smart thermostat, Barry’s Air Conditioning owner Barry Duplechin recommends sticking to a smaller range of temperatures in between the seasons.

“Find a number on your thermostat you can live with because if you raise it up too high of course your bills going to go up,” Duplechin said.

“Definitely when It comes to wintertime if you could tolerate a little more cool, you’d definitely save energy,” Harrison said.

Harrison recommended a space heater to save money for those who need a little more heat in the winter.

“They can conserve energy because sometimes you really don’t need to heat a whole home,” Harrison said.

For year round savings Harrison also recommends sealing doors and windows.

“Those are investments you could make in your home that would help year round,” Harrison said.

Whether it’s a smart thermostat, a space heater or insulating your home, both Duplechin and Harrison said saving money in these fluctuating temperatures is very much possible.

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