Officials, car mechanics warn of driving in wintery conditions

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – As we prepare for the more frigid-like temperatures, we have some helpful tips on how to maintain your vehicle during the colder conditions.

If you haven’t gotten your car winterized just yet, then now is the time to do so.

Martin Michel with Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service says there are three main things you’ll want to check–starting with your fluids.

“Anti-freeze in the car along with all the coolants are going to be very, very important,” said Michel.

The next important thing–check your tire pressure.

“Have the tires checked; aired up properly to the manufacturer’s specifics, not what it says on the tire, but what it says inside the door jam,” said Michel.

The last and final check would be of your battery.

“When you get into the mid 20’s your battery can and likely loses up to 50% of its capacity,” said Michel. “You really need to get the battery checked out, so you don’t get in a situation tomorrow morning where you turn the key and nothing happens.”

As you prepare your vehicles to brave the weather, Louisiana DOTD officials are also taking steps to ensure your safety on the roadways.

“We have all of our equipment ready,” said Bill Oliver with DOTD. “We’ve loaded some brine in some of our trucks and we have salt storage in several locations.”

Oliver says crews got a jumpstart Thursday getting things prepared. He says they plan on having workers out all day and night monitoring the roads–especially bridges.

“Especially your high-rise bridges, so the higher the bridge the more likely the ice will form or freezing rain will cause frozen precipation on the deck,” said Oliver.

However, Oliver says right now all eyes are on the northern parishes.

“St. Landry and Evangeline are right now our most critical parishes,” said Oliver.

You can stay up to date with road conditions through the DOTD’s social media sites or by clicking here.

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