Boil water advisories issued for a number of Acadiana communities

CADE, La. (KLFY) – The frigid weather over the weekend lead to boil water advisories in several Acadiana communities. The advisories remain in effect until the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals gives the all clear.

The Supervisor of Water and Wastewater in St. Martin Parish, Fred Foti says they have about 1,200 customers. The boil advisory went into effect Sunday after the control panel that controls the wells froze over.  Foti explains that the boil advisory covers Cade and Le Triomphe subdivision.

Foti says the water pressure dropped to the point where DHH mandates a boil order be filed. “Not meaning the water is bad it’s just a safety precaution in the event that anything would be in the water because of the law pressure; and the water shifting in the lines maybe upsetting sediment that might be in the lines,” says Foti.

Foti agrees the boil advisory is about being proactive rather than reactive. He says once the heat lamp went out that’s when the control panel froze over; and it did not kick on the wells to fill up the elevated tank. “One well kicked on and the other two did not and the other two can’t handle the whole system,” adds.

Foti says once the control panel was defrosted Sunday it was business as usual. Foti confirms that samples were taken from about five sites to be sent to Baton Rouge for testing. One site was at Le Triomphe.

The Le Triomphe Homeowners Association President, Mary DeRouen says they’ve been given notice – which they appreciate – and will follow the advisory until told otherwise. “They had an issue at the water supply and want to make sure we’re safe.  Therefore, we are following the water boil advisory.  They came and took a sample this morning,” says DeRouen.

Foti says the boil advisory for Cade applies only to the consumption of tap water.  “A hard boil for one minute and let it set and cool and drink that if you are going to drink it,” notes Foti.  Foti also recommends using bottle water.  Boil advisories remain in effect until further notice is given. To stay informed about Cade’s advisory go to:


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