Crowley residents pray for an end to violence

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) With recent crime and violence in Crowley, some residents are hoping for change and using prayer to do so.

“The city has been barricaded with all types of murders,” Vernon Martin said, city councilman.

According to Crowley Police, In 2015 there were 7 homicides in the city. However in 2016, there were only 5 homicides. They said they did not have a number of how many shootings there were.

“Our town is just like the other towns. The much much violence that has taken place. However we believe that there is a answer to this and the answer is through prayer,” Ezora Proctor said, city councilwoman.

At the “Community Street Corner Prayer” service Monday night, community members, ministers, city officials and law enforcement officers traveled to different locations prayed for the violence to stop.

“Areas where crimes have been commuted, where we’ve had shootings and killings. Areas where drugs are prominent,” Proctor said.

The prayer service was put on by the Crowley city council, the Ministerial Alliance and the West Crowley Advisor Committee.

“For those who don’t feel like they’re being prayed for we just want to let them know we pray for everybody,” Martin said.

Proctor said her son died in July. She said she helped organized these prayer services as a way to stop anyone else from going through what she went through.

“I know what God had done in my life. He has taken my husband and I through our ordeal,” Proctor said.

The “Community Street Corner Prayer” services will continue once a month for the next year.

Organizers are also starting a neighborhood watch program, a clean-up Crowley campaign and a mentoring program.

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