Drastic change in temperatures leave many residents feeling ill

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Some days you’re bundled up in layers, and the next day you’re basking in the sun.

But this type of weather change could be sending you to the doctors.

It’s flu season and the changing temperatures we’re experiencing in Acadian haven’t been helping

“We’ve see more concerns for sinus congestion, ear pressure pain also nasal drip and cough because of that,” said Lafayette General Urgent Care Physician Dr. Nichole Miller.

Residents all over have been heading to Urgent Cares and a lot of their illnesses are due to weather

“The weather change definitely causes issues with your body,” explained Dr. Miller, “Especially with blood flow to the nose, to the sinus’. It can cause issues with increase mucus, more congestions, sinus pressure.”

But there are some ways you can help your immune system.

“Hand washing is always important, covering your cough is important, vitamin C is always important,” said Dr. Miller, “I always like to say it’s good to get it in your fruits and vegetables. Doing something even a simple as a nose spray like a saline nose spray to try and get that mucus down and get that moisture back in that nose”

So to get you through these changing temperatures, washing your hands and a healthy diet will keep you out of the waiting room.

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