Crowley Mayor: Reports of Baker Hughes closing are “unconfirmed”

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) -Located on Roller Road is the Baker Hughes location in Crowley; and while employees are still hard at work, there have been reports that this location will be permanently shut down.

If you drive past the location, it would appear that everything is normal.

Employees working, trucks being filled, but reports suggest the location is being shut down.

“All of these are unconfirmed,” said Mayor of Crowley Greg Jones.

Mayor Jones explains that nothing has been confirmed yet, but if the reports are true it would not be good for the city.

“All we have is reports right now but if Baker Hughes is closing, of course any loss of employment, unemployment already being higher than we’d like, is a negative impact on our economy,” said Mayor Jones, “People are coming from a long way as it was a hub for Baker Hughes if it is closing.”

If you google search the location it does say “Permanently Closed,” but Mayor Jones hopes if the rumors are true, the company will try and keep as many employees as possible.

“Companies have to survive to keep other people employed,” he said, “So I would hope that people are being at least reassigned.”

We did reach out to Baker Hughes and they said they have no comment at this time.

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