Lawn & Garden – Winter Garden

Today in your Lawn and Garden , we’re talking about the winter garden. Of course its been really cold, did it kill the plants or can we still plant something? And John, from the looks of things, I guess you still can. Oh yeah, you still can. Its time to plant potatoes, you can still plant carrots, mustard, things like that you can still put in. But the toughest things can take the cold out there is carrots, beats, parsley. I took my broccoli out already, that was okay and then the cabbage had a little damage but it still good. But Like I said the carrots are doing well, and its time to plant them again if you want to. And remember your 5-20-20 fertilizer to put in there real well. And that will be all the fertilizer you need. Like I said, the potatoes we have, we sell them right now. You can buy them in 10 pound bags whatever you want.  10 Pounds will do a 100 foot row. So if you want 5 pounds you can as well. I sealed them with Lime and then we put them In the hole so they are ready to be covered.

You put the Lime on them for what again?

That’s just to seal them. It’s that or if you cut them and wait 3 or 4 days usually they will heal themselves then you can plant them. But if you want to do it right away, Id put the Lime on them. There about a month away from French fries then.

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