Loreauville community comes together to help family

Bryan Bruno helps his younger brother, Keandre, get across a ditch every day on their way to school. Loreauville mayor Brad Clifton noticed the Bruno Brothers crossing on the narrow piece of wood one day, and decided to get involved by building a bridge

It took about a month, working through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, for the Loreauville High School industrial arts class to complete the woodwork for the bridge.

Volunteers from the industrial arts class say building the bridge taught them skills for a trade, but it was about much more than just that.

With so many people chipping in and making an effort to bring this idea to life for Keandre Bruno,
his older brother Bryan, who helps him cross the ditch every day, is filled with gratitude.

“It really means a lot. I appreciate everything Mr. Blakely and the other students are doing for my little brother,” says Bryan

Although this bridge was built to mainly help out the Bruno family, Bryan says to see the community come together makes him feel like his family stretches far beyond the four walls of their home.

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