LSU hopes to have new tiger by August

BATON ROUGE, La. (WVLA) – LSU’s attending veterinarian, David Baker, is continuing to search for Mike VII.

Starting in April 2017, the tiger habitat will undergo renovations, which are scheduled to be completed in August.

Once the renovations are complete, the plan is to have Mike VII join LSU’s incoming freshman class in August.

Responsible care for live exotic animals has evolved throughout the years, and LSU has evolved with it, as evidenced by the renovations to the tiger habitat in 1981 and the construction of an entirely new habitat in 2004-2005.

LSU has decided that the tiger will not go into Tiger Stadium on home football game days. He will be out in his yard seven days a week.

By having Mike in his yard on game days, it ensures that fans are able to see him throughout the day.

As further evidence of LSU’s dedication to providing the best and most responsible care for tigers, LSU is working to have the tiger habitat accredited as a tiger sanctuary.

Becoming an accredited sanctuary means that LSU has met high standards of excellence in animal care and is operating ethically and responsibly.

LSU believes that these changes are in the best interest of the longevity and ethical management of the LSU tiger mascot program.

Mikes IV, V and VI were all donated to LSU from rescue facilities. LSU has not purchased a tiger since Mike III in 1956, and LSU does not support the for-profit breeding of tigers.

By becoming an accredited sanctuary, LSU is demonstrating its commitment to worldwide tiger conservation and hopes to raise awareness about the dwindling live tiger population and the plight of tigers kept illegally and/or inappropriately in captivity in the U.S.

The tiger habitat and LSU’s animal care plan are licensed by the USDA.

The facility, tiger and animal care program are inspected annually to ensure that the facility and the program are in compliance with the Federal Animal Welfare Act and other USDA policies and guidelines.

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